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4 classic games you can enjoy online today

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Coronavirus has forced a change in the way that we entertain ourselves in our free time. We can’t head out to meet friends, visit attractions, or play games face-to-face with real people. 

Online games have been keeping people entertained for years and there are loads of great titles that help you pass the time. 

From a great slots title to a legendary strategy series, I’ve picked four classic games that you can start online today and carry on playing long into the future. 



Starburst is probably the most popular online slot game ever. It’s a big shiny title with plenty of paylines and betting limits that are perfect for both beginners and experienced players. 

Starburst is fun, simple, and gives you the chance to earn some cash. Of course, you must keep in mind while playing that you should always bet responsibly – never wager more than you’re comfortable with and stop gambling when you’ve had enough.

You can find Starburst at the best free spins casinos, like those reviewed at I recommend that you check the offers of the casinos before you sign up, so you can be sure Starburst is one of the slots titles that you can use your free spins on. 


Doom is a groundbreaking first-person shooter (FPS), one that helped launch the genre’s rise in popularity from the early to mid-90s. 

The original Doom came out way back in 1993, when flannel shirts were the order of the day and Michael Jordan secured the Chicago Bulls’ first three-peat. Despite this, the game is still tremendous fun and it also gives you a chance to see how the FPS has evolved.

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Doom is a franchise that counts novels, comic books, board games, and films to its name. While the latest game (Doom Eternal) was released in March 2020, you can find the original on an emulator site like

Football Manager 

Football Manager is the finest and most realistic football management sim series ever made, a game so realistic that real football teams use it to supplement their scouting networks. 

Football Manager allows you to pick your favorite team and run it how you want to. This includes picking the players, developing a coaching philosophy, and making the signings. For many football fans, this is the closest they’ll get to running the club they support. 

You can find the latest version of Football Manager on Steam. This gives you the chance to compete online against other players. And if you’re an existing fan, you can try some of the classic games by downloading them from


Civilization is one of the most beloved strategy games of all time, a series that lets you build your own civilization from pre-history all the way up to modern-day.  

Civilization owes its popularity to the simplicity of its concept and complexity of its delivery – while it’s easy to grasp that you need to grow your society, the devil is in the detail and that’s where the (hours, weeks, and months) of fun comes from.  

Epic Games took the step of offering gamers the chance to download Civilization VI for free until 28 March 2020. If you took advantage of this then great, however, if you didn’t then you can find some of the classic versions online at PlayClassic.

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Starburst, Doom, Football Manager, and Civilization are all great games that you can play online today. Each one offers something different but they all share one thing in common – they’re fun online ways of passing the time. 

So, give them all a go now and find some new ways of keeping yourself entertained!