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3 Questions You Must Answer Before Mounting Your Tv

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On the surface, mounting your television set on the wall sounds like a good idea – after all, you’ll place the TV in a position that you can easily view it from all parts of the room comfortably. However, it is possible to end up doing more harm than good if you decide to take this path without proper planning. So, what exactly do you need to know before mounting your TV on your wall? 

This article has compiled a list of three crucial questions to ask yourself before taking this path, to ensure that you reap the most out of it. 

Do you have a spot for the components?

Most households have other components placed near the TV: game consoles, DVD players, Wi-Fi routers, etc. The first thing you need to ask yourself is if you’ll need such components near your TV or not. If your answer to the question is a yes, then you’ll have to organize the storage of such devices.

A popular trick used by many is having a floating shelf below the television mount. Here, you can place all your other devices that may need to be placed near the TV. Another cool trick would be to drill holes below the television and put up a bookshelf that will contain all the components. Whichever trick works best for you, ensure to plan where and how you’d want the components stored.

Do you have a cord-concealing plan?

The sleek look of a wall-mounted television set is always appealing to the eye. However, seeing the mess left by the hanging cords can easily ruin the otherwise great aesthetics. Even if you do not intend to plug any other components on your television, you’ll still have to face the ugly cord trailing down your wall to the power source. 

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Are you okay with that wire trail? Would you like to see all the cords and cables sorted out well? How do you intend to do that? 

Some of the few solutions as suggested by the experts at include: 

  • You can have the wires and cords installed inside the wall (by a professional of course).
  • Get a power outlet installed just behind the TV leaving no chance for there to be any cords dangling down the wall.
  • Purchase a cord hider that will camouflage based on your wall paint to hide the cords and leave your television set looking sleek.

What’s your viewing angle?

The other thing you have to consider is your viewing angle. You do not want the television placed too high as that might harm your neck, and neither do you want to place it too low that it reduces the viewing experience. 

The size and position of your seats will determine how high or low you place your TV mount. Ensure that you do not strain yourself or have any light interferences wherever you place your TV mount. 

These are the three key questions you need to ask yourself before deciding to mount your TV on the wall. If this is the right path for you, there’s no better decision than having your TV mounted on the wall by the experts. 

The professionals at have lots of experience installing professional TV wall mounts, not only boosting the appearance of your space but also ensuring that your TV and other components are safe.

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