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3 Advantages of Using GogoPDF in Converting Excel Spreadsheet to PDF File

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Data and information are essential parts of any business or institution. It could be figures of assets and liabilities. It might be the company’s expenses throughout the year or the net income for the first quarter. Since these data play an integral part in business, you need to present them most understandably GogoPDF . 

That’s why Excel spreadsheets come into existence today. It’s a computer program that will significantly help you present the data in a comprehensible manner, such as the use of tables, diagrams, charts, and other visual presentations of data. However, when your spreadsheet file contains tons of data and information, it’ll surely take much time to upload it online, attach it to your email, and even share it with other devices because its file size is too big. 

Hence, you need to convert your Excel spreadsheets to PDF format to guarantee readability and comprehensibility because PDF compresses Excel to decrease its file size. You don’t have to worry because GogoPDF has its online conversion tool for free. Read the details below to know the different advantages of GogoPDF in converting your Excel spreadsheet to a PDF file. 


Quick Conversion Process of GogoPDF

For a busy person like you, you don‘t usually choose the online tools that will give you a long file conversion process. You probably opt for utilizing tools that will quickly make your job done in the fastest way possible. There’s nothing to worry about because GogoPDF has the quickest file conversion time for your spreadsheets. 

When you convert Excel to PDF online using GogoPDF, you need to upload your files first on the conversion tool that you can find on its official website. Then, the system will initiate the conversion immediately. Once it’s finished, you can now download the converted files to your computer or smartphone’s file storage. 

That’s how easy and quick it is to use the Excel-to-PDF conversion tool of GogoPDF. In fact, it will take a few minutes to get it done, depending on the number of spreadsheets you’re converting. The more files you process, the more time you need. 

Quality is Guaranteed by GogoPDF

Besides the fact that you’re looking for a file conversion tool with the fastest conversion process, you also need to have a tool that will produce outputs and keep the highest quality possible. Some people may encounter problems with other conversion tool providers. It could be that some texts are not readable, some images aren’t clear, and other elements are twisted after the conversion process. 

That’s why GogoPDF has been known to many people in the market today because of the quality of the outputs the system reproduces online. You may have exerted so much effort to create your Excel spreadsheets and organize all of the data and information. 

Hence, the file converter of GogoPDF uses a smart system in converting these files to PDF format while keeping everything the same. The same rows and columns you’ve included, tables, and other visual presentations you’ve integrated. It still looks like the exact Excel spreadsheet you created, but only in PDF format. 

Secures File Uploads

Your Excel spreadsheets may contain confidential information that you only want to share with selected people. Because of this, you might hesitate to share or upload these files on the conversion tool of GogoPDF online. 

Actually, there’s nothing to worry about because GogoPDF uses a smart system to keep your files safe. After downloading the converted files from GogoPDF to your computer or smartphone, the system will automatically delete all files you uploaded after sixty minutes or one hour. Hence, you’ll have the confidence that your files are secure with GogoPDF. 


You might find other conversion tools online, but not all of them offer the same quality of service GogoPDF provides. The list of advantages discussed above is only a few of those things you’ll benefit from using GogoPDF. Therefore, if you haven’t tried to use the Excel-to-PDF conversion tool of GogoPDF, it’s time for you to explore the tool and enjoy the benefits it gives to you for your files.