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2022 Men’s Fashion Trends to Look Out For

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The spring/summer season is just around the corner which means now is the ideal time to look at upcoming fashion trends so that you’re in style when the new season arrives. Womenswear gets a lot of attention at the start of a new year or the start of a new season, but it’s not just female fashion that undergoes seasonal and yearly changes.

Menswear is just as pivotal as womenswear, and as new trends come in, it’s becoming more varied and flamboyant. The average man on the street is no longer simply donning a white t-shirt and jeans – more and more males are looking to make waves with their outfits and piece together eclectic, on-trend outfits. 

With this in mind, knowing what the upcoming trends are is essential. If you’re looking to dress to the nines but aren’t quite sure what styles are set to dominate the start of 2022, keep reading as we go through the top style predictions for this year. 


Once worn by nerds and geeks, cardigans are making a return to the main fashion channels in 2022. Not only are they perfect for springtime when you need to keep the chill off but don’t require a coat – they look great with almost any outfit. Whether you pair a knitted cardigan with some wide leg corduroys or tailored drainpipe trousers, a cardigan will instantly give your outfit that retro feel that is all the rage right now.  

Casual Suits 

For decades we’ve been used to tailored suits that are perfectly fitted to our bodies, but as we move into 2022, we’re saying goodbye to precision and hello to something more comfortable. Spurred on by the change in working habits from Covid-19, many workplaces (where men are most likely to need to wear a suit), have relaxed their uniform approaches. Not just this, but most of us are no longer used to wearing fitted things due to working from home in joggers and hoodies. 

With this in mind, say goodbye to tucked blazers and upmarket accessories like men’s cufflinks, and say hello to a looser, more freeing fit that allows more freedom to move and flex – even in a work suit. 

Bright Colors 

For decades, gray, black, stone, navy, and burgundy have been staples of menswear, with color barely making an appearance outside of swimming shorts and Hawaiian-style shirts. Well, 2022 is the year mainstream menswear gets injected with some life. Models on high-end runways have been sporting bright shades of pink, purple, yellow, blue, and even green, so it’s inevitable that we’ll see these hues trickle down into streetwear and everyday clothes for men.

If you’re unsure where to start with introducing color to your wardrobe, start subtle. You don’t need to dive straight in with a fuchsia three-piece; try a knitted jumper in a pastel shade or with a bold pattern on and work up from there. 

Oversized Shorts 

As the season transitions from spring to summer, shorts will begin to make their way to forefront of your wardrobe. Like suits, men’s shorts have long been tailored and perfectly cut to just above the knee. Well, this is set to change in 222. No, we’re not going to see a return to the baggy shorts that haunted us in the early 2000s, but we are likely to see looser fitting shorts that aren’t so fitted to the body. They may also be slightly longer, gracing the top of the knees or sitting just above, rather than being a few inches above. 


Take heed of these top 2022 trends and you’re sure to look right on trend this year. Who knows, with such pivotal changes in fits and colors, you might even unlock a new style!