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2017 Was Best Year for Steam With Over $4.3 Billion In Sales

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2017 was a record for Steam: according to SteamSpy, last year was the best ever in terms of money for the Valve platform, with a turnover of $4.3 billion dollars.

The figure in question concerns only the sale of complete games and does not include the gains generated by microtransactions and DLC. These numbers are certainly very high and sharply higher than in 2016 when Steam generated revenues of $3.5 billion.

This information was released by Sergey Galyonkin, owner of the SteamSpy website, who analyzes and quantifies data from the digital distribution platform in a panel during GDC on Thursday.

The success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (over 30 million copies sold) has certainly contributed to the achievement of these results, as well as the increase in games in the catalog, which has now exceeded 7,000.

Of course, this $4.3 billion is just an estimate. However, if it is correct, this means that Steam accounts for at least 18% of the worldwide PC gaming market in the world, and probably this percentage should be much higher once in-game sales have been added and DLCs.

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