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12 Ways to Pass the Evening at Home

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Whether it’s a quiet evening in for you and your partner, or the family are off doing their own thing and you need a way to pass the time, we have you covered. Below are 12 great ways that you can pass an evening without leaving your sofa. Check them out now.


Online Casino Games

From poker to slot machines to blackjack, there are hundreds of games that you can play online right now that will make you feel like you’re in a casino. You can play for the big bucks or go in small and just have fun with it.

Whatever kind of game you decide to play, why not get the best options by checking them out on Fruity Slots first. This site can guide you toward the best websites for all your favourite games!

Watching a Film

The advent of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have ensured that we are never bored again. With many, many streaming sites to choose from and an overwhelming number of films on each of them, you’re probably more likely to spend the evening choosing the film rather than watching it!

If you are struggling, Netflix has an inventive option of letting the website decide what you’re going to watch called ‘surprise me.’ Feeling adventurous? Why not try this out?

Bingeing a TV Series

Another thing that streaming services gave us is the ability to watch a six-part drama in one sitting (as long as you don’t mind not getting any sleep)! So, load up your favourite TV series and binge away!

Travelling the World with Google Maps

Google Maps is an innovative invention that allows you to see parts of the world you have never seen before, all from your computer. While you’re not actually visiting the places, dropping the little guy into street view and exploring the streets of a far-off land can be an engrossing way to spend the evening.

Maybe you’ve got a bucket list of places to see? Why not plan out some sites to visit and get a scope of the land using Google Maps?

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And, if you’re really bored, you can always Google ‘weirdest things caught on Google Maps’ and go down a wormhole of what the Maps camera has caught on its travels around the world!

Following a Shark

This is a new one to us, but apparently there are now sites where you can follow tagged sharks around the ocean. Sharks are tagged by scientists and researchers all over the world, and you can take advantage of this by getting to see where they swim and what they get up to.

It might not be as engrossing as the newest Netflix original, but it is an eye-opening way to pass some time when you’re on your own!

Taking a Museum Tour

Since the pandemic, lots and lots of leisure activities have been made much more accessible, including museums. There are many museums around the world that now allow you to book into online tours. If you know you’re going to be alone and want to spend the evening diving into history and culture, why not sign up to a tour?

And it’s not just museums. Art galleries too are now offering virtual tours so you can see world famous art from your living room!

Online Shopping

Online shopping is a fantastic activity, if you’ve got the spare cash to go for it. There are so many places to shop, whether it be for clothes, handmade jewellery, local artist’s prints, or even food, you can certainly pass an entire evening shopping!

And if you’re trying to save money, there isn’t any harm in virtual window shopping either. Why not get a head start on your birthday Wishlist this evening?

Reading a Book

Reading books has quite literally never been more accessible than it is today. With the Kindle app, you can read many books on your phone right now, and there is a tonne online that you can get for free too! And if reading sounds tiring, but you still want to immerse yourself in a good story, you could opt for an audiobook.

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As well as audiobooks, you can also find whole seasons of podcasts on Spotify and other music streaming sites, or you could listen to a good old-fashioned radio!

Learning a New Skill

YouTube is home to millions and millions of videos and while many of them are quite strange, you can also find plenty of tutorials that are totally free and help you to learn new skills every day.

Always wanted to learn to knit? There is a YouTube video for that. Want to learn a new language? YouTube has got it. What about learning ballroom dancing? You can also find this on YouTube!

Since you probably get the gist, there’s little else to say except have fun developing yourself in new and interesting ways!

Attending a Concert

If you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a live, virtual concert. If not, YouTube is also home to tonnes of archived concerts of all your favourite artists. You could even put it on the big screen, change into a band tee, and pretend you’re at Wembley for the evening!

Seeing a Play

Another fantastic thing you can find online is a catalogue of plays. Whether on YouTube or on sites like the National Youth Theatre, plays went online during the pandemic and a lot of them are still accessible now.

It’s not often that you can see theatre virtually, so take advantage of it now while you still can!

Learning to Cook

Lastly, what if you spent the evening preparing a delicious and decadent meal for yourself? From cook-along videos to tutorials, the internet has plenty of ways to teach you to cook and it’s a great way to build a new skill while also nourishing your body.

And if cooking your own meal doesn’t sound like fun, another thing the internet has is Deliveroo!