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12 Common Mistakes that Beginner League Players Make

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League of Legends is a very popular game, but it can be intimidating to get started. There are many common mistakes that even experienced players make, and it’s important to know them before you start playing so that you don’t fall into the same traps! Here are some of the most common mistakes made by beginning league players:

1. Not understanding how your champion will work in combat: There are many champions in League of Legends, and each one will play differently. Not understanding your champion’s abilities is a common mistake that even experienced players make! To avoid making this mistake, try to play a few matches with different champions. Also, look into guides and other resources that will help you learn how to play your champion.

2. Not understanding what items are: If you’re new to League of Legends, it can be easy to forget about the importance of items! Items in this game have various effects, so knowing which ones are best for your situation is important. To avoid making this mistake, open up the item list in the store and take a look at all of them– some common types include tank items (which give more armour), AP mages (items that increase magic damage) or attack speeders (items with higher physical damage).

3. Taking too much damage: League has many different types of champions with vastly different strengths and weaknesses. It’s common to see players focus on building just one type of champion over others, which can lead them to take more damage than necessary during combat. As a beginner, this often leads to only getting killed once while taking two or three hits from opponents instead of using skills like taunting enemies away so that they are unable to attack. This common mistake can be avoided by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different champions, taking lol coaching, as well as being aware of how much damage you take during a fight.

4. Not buying wards: If you’ve never played League of Legends before, this could seem like common sense advice, but even experienced players forget sometimes! Wards are not expensive and can save your life from ganks (a common term in LoL games) if used correctly. It might take some time for new players to get used to them, but once they do, it will become second nature to every game.

5. Not knowing the map: League of Legends is played on Summoner’s Rift, which has three lanes, each representing one type of champion class. Each lane also contains common objectives that can be captured by either team (dragon, turrets). Not knowing about common objectives or where you are in relation to them will make it difficult for your teammates and yourself if they talk about these things! To avoid making this mistake, take some time before starting playing to learn what common objectives spawn at certain times during standard games.

6. Forgetting runes/masteries: Runes and masteries are unlocked by playing games. It’s common for players to forget about them, but they’re a good way to bolster your champion in the early game! Runes can be spent on increasing certain stats like movement speed or health regeneration while masteries buff up your abilities in various ways, such as reducing cooldowns or increasing damage dealt with specified spells (ex: Ignite).

7. Not being aware of buffs: League of Legends features temporary buffs called “buffs” that will last for the duration of the game. There are a few common buffs that players should be aware of, such as red buff, which increases attack damage and movement speed or blue buff, which reduces ability cooldowns. But most of the time, buffs are not common knowledge, and players will play right past them, missing out on the benefits.

8. Avoiding turrets: Turrets deal large amounts of damage to enemies that come in range. The longer you stay near a turret while it is attacking you or your teammates, the more likely you are to die because of how much health gets taken away with each hit from a turret. To avoid being killed by an enemy team’s turret defence line without taking any damage at all, try using abilities like Flash or Teleport as well as moving around quickly so that they can’t keep up with your movements.

9. Forgetting skills/abilities: League players start out with six ability slots (one skill per level) as well as an ultimate, which is gained at rank three. Newer league players often forget what abilities their champions have or how long cooldowns are because it can be difficult to keep them all in mind during combat situations. To avoid making this common mistake, make sure to take some time before every game to review your champion’s abilities so that you know what they do.

10. Remembering cooldowns: Another common newbie league player trick is forgetting how long it takes before an ability or item comes back off of its cooldown timer. It can be easy to forget which items are active again after using them once or twice during combat but try not to fall into this trap since being unable to use spells in boss fights.

11. Not knowing how to lane properly: The term “lane” refers to the top half or bottom half of the map. It determines which lane minions will spawn from during their first wave to attack you (top) or enemy towers (bottom). Learning where these lines are can be tricky for beginners, but it’s important because if you don’t know what side your tower is on when attacking an opposing tower, then they’ll eventually just kill you before doing any damage!

12. Not bringing enough wards: Wards offer vision over anything inside their radius; this allows teams to see what opponents have planned before initiating combat. Wards are very common in every game mode, but they’re especially important for beginners because you don’t have minions to tank the tower and collect gold. This means that any time your team is near a large group of bushes or behind an enemy turret without wards, you risk being ambushed by opponents who will kill all members before their next respawn!

Conclusion: The common mistakes that beginning league players make are often related to not knowing when and how to ward or understand combat basics. If you know common mistakes made by beginners in League of Legends before starting gameplay, it will hopefully help you be a better player!