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1-2-Switch will include 28 minigames

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Nintendo of Japan has updated the official Japanese website of 1-2-Switch, confirming that the title will include 28 minigames, a higher figure than the 20 rumored by insiders in recent days.

During the presentation of Nintendo Switch earlier this year Nintendo drew attention on 1-2-Switch, a collection of mini-games that will showcase what both the console and the little Joy Con controllers has to offer.

In response to some criticism explained by the developer, however, the 1-2-Switch will offer a far more extensive experience than, say, Wii Sports for Nintendo Wii, and now we know more about what players get out of the collection.

The Japanese website for 1-2-Switch was recently updated, and has also confirmed that the collection consists of 28 different games. Of these, Nintendo has pulled the veil of 18, while the remaining ten will be displayed soon.

The already known games are Quick Draw, Milk, Eating Contest, Count Balls, Samurai Training, Ping Pong, Safe Cracker
and Copy Dance in addition to Sword Fight, Wizard, Telephone, Shaver, Runway, Soda, Baby, Joy-Con Rotation, Liar Dice and Beach Flag, some of them are shown in the new trailer that you can find at the bottom of the news.

Recall that 1-2-Switch will be available in stores from March 3, the game will accompany the launch of the new console of Nintendo in the market.