Report: Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Leaked, Zelda Scheduled for 17th March

An unbelievable photo has appeared to show the complete line-up of Nintendo Switch, including the launch date of some third-party products.

Inching closer to the day of the official presentation of Nintendo Switch, we incur in the possibility of releasing leak more plausibly than true, like the one recently published by IGN France on Twitter and immediately deleted.

This is a photo of a sheet taken with a cell phone with the line-up of titles for Nintendo Switch, which probably will be shown during the presentation of the console in Tokyo.

Now it is unclear whether it is a fake, the result as reported should be absolutely taken with proper precautions, but it certainly could be a leak of some importance.

The most relevant information related to Nintendo Switch is definitely the console’s launch date. The dates of the games we discover, in fact, tells us that the console would hit the shelves on March 17. Date more than plausible, and already “rumored”.

Among the first party titles that will be published at the launch we have, instead, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8: Switch it! and Splatoon Counterattack.

The first title was already suspected. With regard to Mario Kart 8: Switch It! we could find ourselves in front of a Switch version of Mario Kart 8, with some additions to the gameplay and optimization on Nintendo Switch.

Same for Splatoon Counterattack. In the console trailer we saw pictures of the game, but it seemed the same version of Nintendo Wii U, except for some more details. As for Mario Kart 8 it could be a version of Nintendo Switch with some more additions.

Unfortunately, the quality of the picture taken is really low, but among the many names you will manage to intercept The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Frost Land, Splatoon Counter Attack, Super Smash Bros Switch, Pikmin World, Minecraft Switch Edition, Dragon Quest XI, Super Mario RPG Rabbids Invasion, Assassin’s Creed Egypt, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition, NBA 2K17, FIFA 17 and Just Dance 2017.

Some of these titles appear to have a launch date all too close, like Assassin’s Creed Egypt, expected on March 24 along with Pikmin World. The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon and Mario Kart instead seems to be coming out on March 17 along with on the console and Super Mario Frost Land would be expected for the second half of the year. At present it is impossible to verify the authenticity of the photos published above. On January 12 we will definitely know more.

Please note that Nintendo Switch will be presented on 12 January.

  • Overkillwfo

    LOL. Looks legit. Not faked at all…

  • xboxmaster

    looks like trash lmao no fucking games, no mass effect, no red dead, no nothing

    • burning_justice

      I’ll fucking KILL you

    • burning_justice

      Say ONE more bad thing about the Switch and I swear to GOD I’ll end you AND your fucking family, BITCH

    • Edsword

      If you expected this games to be on Switch, you missed that it’s a tablet.

  • Panty Sniffer

    no panties in the bundle?

  • ExuberantOne

    SUPER MARIO RPG! and ZELDA! WOW if thats true im getting it ~~!!!

  • Brian Dub


  • Anon

    Super Mario Frost Land? That sounds especially lame. Nintendo rarely has lame titles for their software. Mario Kart 8 Switch it!? Meh title. This is fake.

    • Professor Murder

      The ice levels in Mario games are my least favorite. Hopefully ‘Frost’ is just a thematic ‘Mario has to thaw the frozen Kingdom’ thing instead of a ‘lots of ice/snow levels’ game.

      I’m just gonna wait two days and find out the truth. As with you, I don’t believe this fully.

  • James Fitzgerald

    Mmm a new Mario RPG….that peaks my interest but to convince me to buy I need to know how it actually functions, Official price, what the actual specs are and what else I can get on it. Im not interested in buying a console for 1 game.

  • burning_justice

    Breath of the wild, NEW SPLATOON, NEW Mario, NEW Mario RPG, NEW Retro project, NEW Platinum Games project, NEW Mario Kart, Skyrim on the muthfawking GO, BITCH. NOW what?!?!?

    • xboxmaster

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  • burning_justice

    IP address traced. You think you’re safe behind a computer screen in your parents basement? THINK again. You better sleep with one eye open from here on out.

    • xboxmaster

      switch suck D for $2

      • burning_justice

        The Switch isn’t your MOM, bitch!

        • xboxmaster

          stay mad cu-nt

  • elkaki123

    Your name is XBOXmaster

    you talk about ps4 exclusives

    • xboxmaster

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  • Barters

    NBA2K17 being released in Q2 of 2017………4-6 months before NBA2K18 comes out for other consoles.

    Doesn’t sound or feel like the Wii U at all.