NeoGAF goes down as owner faces sexual harassment accusations

NeoGAF has been the largest gaming forum in the world for many years. Gamers of all nationalities, as well as many video game developers, have chosen it as a benchmark. Its reputation, however, could be in serious danger.

The founder of NeoGAF, Tyler Malka, known on the forum as “EviLore”, was accused of sexually harassment accusations from a woman. The latter told everything in a post on Facebook, explaining that Malka was her friend and that after a night party in her hotel room the situation has degenerated. The man reached her in the bathroom while she was showering alone, trying to join her. At the time he had a boyfriend, and she did not even send any signal to Malka that could arouse him, according to the woman. After coming out of the shower, the man also became hostile to her.

This is just the last of a series of news related to this issue. Just 7 days ago, a former Naughty Dog employee accused sexual harassment on an unknown figure in the studio.

The NeoGAF users even talked about Malka’s previous history who already had sexual harassment accusations before this event. Everything started with some members who decided to talk, risking being banned, even after being silenced by the moderators and EviLore himself.

Almost all moderators left their role, and everyone was very upset by the perpetuated silence by the founder. Pending an official announcement, users are deciding to search for a new gaming community where issues such as this will in no way be allowed. In particular, a user has added the word “women” to the motto of the famous forum, as well as visible in the tweet below.